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Sam has visited 100s of schools all over the UK and Europe. He performs workshops with 20 - 400 children at a time where he explores their own creativity and ability to form stories using pictures, games and exercises. He also visits reading groups and libraries. Sam can accommodate ages 3-14yrs in one way or another. He is also available for prize-givings and motivational speeches. He can also work to your agenda, designing a session round your needs is not a problem. The three workshops/ presentations currently running are:


1. Windswept and Interesting (P6-S3)

A talk on writing, with a special focus on the new eco-thriller, WINDSCAPE. Covers, the wind farm debate, bullying, friendship and racism. There is also a free 12 section resource pack for teachers. No limit on audience size. (1 x 50mins)


2. A Window on Another World (P4-S2)

A talk about his work in Bali, in a real 'lost world'. A whole village was forgotten for 700 years. The people, creatures and culture...with plenty of interactive elements that encourage reading and writing. Also looks at the fantasy world of TALISMAN and - The Peck Chronicles  -  the class creates their own monster, learns about building characters, settings and plots... (Ideally 2 x 50 mins)


3. The Young Children's Workshop (P1-P3) - Using the Tiffy and Toffy picture books, kids from 3-7 learn about wildlife and get to hear the stories first hand... Puppets, videos, games, music, health and well-being. (1 x 50mins)


Specific projects are always considered and there is always an opportunity for children to ask questions and to purchase signed copies of his books...




He can also help with specific projects...


e.g. Fairways School in Bristol involved the whole school in storyboarding a new book using pictures, text, blurbs, cover designs...


Duns Primary School did a whole P4- P7 project on alternative energy, based on the book Windscape. They build model wind turbines visited power stations and wind farms, created brilliant art and even made characters out of play dough.


Oban High School used Windscape as a cross-curricular study book, involving the English Dept, Geography, Art, Physics and Modern Sudies...

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