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Tiffy and Toffy - The Lucky Pellet

A beautiful picture book for younger children featuring two sister mice - Tiffy and Toffy. When Tiffy and Toffy find out that they have no food left they have to make the journey to the barn. Unfortunately Bertha Barn Owl turns up and tries to spoil their night. At the end, go back and help Tiffy and Toffy find the pieces of corn they dropped amongst the pages. Illustrated by Scott Wallace and written by Sam Wilding, this is a story full of excitement and the kind of yucky stuff children love.


Numeracy, read along, colourful pictures, exciting story.


Suitable for 3 - 7 years

£6.99 incl P&P

"I loved this little gem of a book. Nice bright colours, a fun adventure, and great fun counting the yucky worms. My kids oohed and yucked all the way through. Warning! You may have to read this more than 3 times every night. " - Amazon Reviews

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