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"Parents have been SO positive about your visit and have let me know just how motivating and exciting the children found the experience. It was great to have them coming into school throughout the week and to hear such enthusiasm." - Head - Gartocharn Primary School.


"Thank you very much for your fantastic workshops for Primary 4,5,6 and 7. The children thoroughly enjoyed them. Every time I popped my head round the door they were hanging on your every word. They are still buzzing about you and your books today. It's great to direct children to books and literature." Yvonne Sharp - Head of Cardross Primary School


'You certainly engaged the pupils and involved them in a positive and creative way.

 I hope this was the first of many visits with our festival.'

Hester Beattie-Curricular Support and Development (Aberdeen Storytelling Festival)


"The class were enthralled throughout the event. Enthusiasm was sparked and they were raving to write their own stories, which were very good."  Stoneywood Primary School, Aberdeen.


“Having attended a session with Sam, I can vouch for how enthralled the children were throughout. He really fired their imagination and the exercises he conducted were both educational and, more importantly, fun! And for us a charity, the message that having asthma need not be a barrier to living a full, healthy and adventurous lifestyle is one we are keen to promote at every opportunity.” Gordon Brown, Public Affairs and Communications Manager, Asthma UK Scotland.


'The workshop was an excellent learning experience; the pupils were absolutely spellbound.'

S. Mowatt - Primary 7 Teacher, Ladyton Primary School, Alexandria


“Sam Wilding was absolutely brilliant, pupils and staff enthralled by him, big range too from P4 to S1 but he held attention of all of them the whole time. Loved the activity part of it too.” (80 pupils)  - Head`Librarian - Castlebay, Barra.


Sam also writes plays and songs for schools. Find out more by emailing him. Every pupil and teacher thoroughly enjoyed their workshop sessions. Thank you for inspiring the children. - Natalie Dick - Morrison's Academy, Crieff.


"I have been greatly heartened by the children's response and enthusiasm. They were clearly motivated and inspired by what you had to say.It is wonderful to be part of the ensuing energy and creativity!!" - Maureen McNaughton - Head Teacher - St. Joseph's Primary School - Whitburn.


"Talisman reads really well; lots of action and split story segments which bring all the characters alive to great effect. The book also encompases lots of Tolkien-like battle scenes making it very memorable. The reader is thrown head-first into the advenure and in doing so the pages of the book fly by. - Mr Ripley's Enchanted Book Reviews.


"Talisman is one of the most humorous fantasy novels I have ever read. Sam Wilding is a breath of fresh air for fantasy. His novels are a wonderful mix of mystery, drama, comedy and fantasy." - Waterstones Young Proof Readers